BUYING IN (2006)

Literalizing the advertising industry’s parasitic relationship with the avant-garde, the middlemen have stepped away and canonical figures of experimental media pitch you directly.

Full Description

BUYING IN is a series of short videos in which works by canonical figures from the moving image avant-garde (Bruce Conner, Andy Warhol, Yvonne Rainer, Hollis Frampton, Stephen Beck, Shana Moulton, etc.) are minimally re-edited to become advertisements. In some cases these products relate to the artist (for instance the AT&T's Christo and Jeanne-Claude/Maysles Brothers' piece refers to [and takes the sound from] the corporation's Rethink Possible campaign with which so many found similarities to The Gates that AT&T had to publicly proclaim their differences) while in others their connection is aesthetic, conceptual or jocular. These works are as overt in their politics as they are in their cynicism. That said, they also speak to the weight of influence and the notion of inheritance within so-called avant-gardes.

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