Impermanence (2011)

Impermanence, shot in Times Square, a space of animated architecture and fast-paced crowds, acts as a physical representation of our electronic culture, an icon of media saturation. How do we exist in this space, past and present?

Full Description

Impermanence, Single Channel Video, 2011 7 min 31 sec, 1920 x 1080 HD

Frame difference analysis shows pixel change from one frame to the next by change being imaged white and no change black. A video switcher flickers between past and present time of 8 offset signals and a slide creates variations of time trails. All parameters can be manipulated in real-time and recorded for edit.

Work metadata

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Artist Statement

The single channel video Impermanence places us in an alternative dimension of time as a viewer. Our gaze is revealed to us much like memories, flickering insubstantial forms that periodically arrest in vague details from unseen layers of time. Within the public space of Time Square we find ourselves surrounded by others movements... by impermanence... saturated by technology and isolated by technology. Are we even a flicker in the others do we exist in this private? Public space? Where do we place ourselves in our ever-changing digital culture?


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