You are all red, and so very white (2011)

Eti Esther Naor You are all red, and so very white* Curator: Irena Gordon

Red wax stalactites dripping out of white gauze fabrics, hanging, creating a sculptural installation which shakes the viewer. The work captures the viewer within its empty spaces and leads him into the depths of an enigmatic experience: Is this a scene of violence, a news item, or is it a window to an inner pain, streching out like an ancient scenery, attempting to reach and touch what can not be described? In her new work, Eti Esther Naor continues to examine various ways in which material embodies evasive and ambivalent feelings such as eroticism, fear, beauty and suffering. Using the material, she creates a fantastic space that raises the duality of the female experience, and questions the possibility of one clear emotional and conceptual interpretation.

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Artist Statement

In her work, Eti Esther Naor deals with such issues as personal vs. national and global history and memory, inter-cultural and trans-cultural identities, social conventions, and art and culture definitions. The works range from huge cooked rice forms and installations to small and fragile rice objects; and from disguised self-portrait photographs to short videos.

She lives and works in Israel.


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