100 Frames for Troy Davis-9:47 am Mountain Standard Time-Wednesday, September, 21, 2011 (2011)

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Artist Statement

i made this gif on the morning of the day that troy davis was executed in georgia. this work is a memorial of sorts. it is a simple gif made with 100 frames, most of them blank, where troy disappears and we stare mostly at his absence. i'm submitting this to the rhizome art base fully aware that there are likely thousands of gifs already in the artbase but i thought that maybe there weren't any quite like this, a commemoration gif, or something like that. besides, gifs are so simple and small, why not put another one in the artbase? i also thought that if rhizome accepted the gif into its artbase it would help bolster the work, give it another context, another media presence, that just helps serve troy davis' cause, which is to fight for human rights, due process, and abolish the death penalty.


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