where is milton creek? (2011)

A web based project commissioned by Art at the Centre that uses video and sound to create an interactive experience – a non-linear narrative – of local history, interwoven with a performative aspect - another person recalls my experience of working in the area over the course of the project.

Full Description

The website mixes various perspectives from: local residents, surrounding industry (including DS Smith Paper and Smead Dean Brickworks) and other commissioned artworks (including Peter Liversidge and Heather & Ivan Morison) to offer a glimpse into the newly regenerated area of Milton Creek. Like the artist's previous work, www.whereismiltoncreek.co.uk explores the nature and nuances of memory interconnected with history and place. Within the website it’s possible for a multitude of narratives to be unlocked among the four "hidden" levels, making for a different experience each time.

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