Heart 2 Heart (2011)

by Eric S

A collaborative video project that asks people to record a conversation with their phones about their mutual relationship.

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Artist Statement

Our phones have become a vital part of our lives: they tell us what our day looks like, allow us to send info all over the world, are a great diversion, and in some senses have allowed us a freedom (on a social and business level) that we've never had before.

Yet we don't often think that they - themselves are the ones that have facilitated the changes. Though if you spent the amount of time with another person that you do with your phone, you'd inevitably be in a pretty committed relationship.

The hope of this project is that through the dialogue it facilitates, we'll start to gain a better understanding of the effects of cell phones on our daily lives and will gain further insight into the unintentional relationships we've gained to a piece of electronics.


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