Dendroid (2011)

Toban Nichols, is a deconstructivist artist living in Los Angeles. His work has been seen internationally in SCOPE New York, SCOPE Basel, the Digital Fringe Festival in Melbourne Australia, Les Territoires in Montreal, as well as The Seattle Art Museum.

After earning a Bachelors degree in painting, he moved west to study New Media at the San Francisco Art Institute in California where he recieved an MFA in Digital Media and Videography. He has been granted a residency with the Experimental Television Center in New York, and awarded the Juror's Pick at the ArtHouse Film Festival in 2009 for his video entitled "BATTLESTATIONS!!" In 2011, his work will be seen in new exhibitions in New Zealand, Los Angeles, and in the Artist’s collaborative magazine “Color& Color".

Full Description

Dendroid is a series of prints based around machine error. The use of texture, shape, and movement are representative of architecture, and is meant as a study and mirror of architectural ideas and an interuption and reinterpretation of the landscape photograph.

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Artist Statement

Like most things created by humans, computers often break-down while doing the work they were programed to do. I exploit these weaknesses, using the flaws as the genesis of my art. Through “databending” (forced errors or subverted “natural” function), I wrestle control away from the computer that results in unique digital output. The investigation of this distortion produces a self-reflexive understanding of digital technology that appropriates the semiotic nature of visual language. These images are then manipulated into a photographic or video medium. The final pictures attempt to destroy and reconstruct cultural significance and raise questions about the mediation of art vis-a-vis technology.

Moreover, the forced glitches create a simple aesthetic that is rich in color and texture. Stripes become convoluted and intermixed; light and dark turn and twist into each other creating a dramatically chaotic architecture. Unique formal qualities of texture, light and motion are formed; and, contrast and flow growing more evident. Furthermore, pulsing, glowing light and patterns suggest movement and exploded and degraded pixels mutate into inorganic shapes. The data of this process is recorded to construct a digital terrain that striving to familiarize the now unfamiliar.

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