BBSi Matrix: Deconstructed (2011)

There really is a matrix out there. It informs everything from the light you see to the spacetime that holds it. And, yes, you can manipulate a degree. Mostly it manipulates you. But is it beautiful? OMG,...yes! It is the quintessential beauty whose resonance informs all that we experience. Here is a deconstructed, step-by-step, multimedia interactive look at how the Brooks (Base) Square interactive (BBSi) matrix is formed.

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That simple number relationship is formed "around" the Inverse Square Law (ISL). The fundamental relationship of the ISL is that the energy/force/influence falls off with distance of separation, inverse squarely. You know, double the distance and the influence is diluted by a fourth.

Now the BBSi matrix is taking that primary relationship on to a square grid and filling in all the other numbers "around" it. The resulting Inner Grid of numbers...all formed from the initial ISL numbers...form an infinite, almost unbelievable, array of patterned number relationships that ultimately define our world.

One of the simplest, most "BASIC" patterns of the BBSi matrix has been deconstructed...going back to the beginning of the grid...and in a step-by-step, multimedia interactive format, the matrix and this "BASIC" pattern are reconstructed.

Once you see how ridiculously simple this first pattern is, you will be more fully prepared to have your mind blown away for the beauty and intricacies of patterns to follow in Part II ("ADVANCED").

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Artist Statement

The matrix...the grid...the square...are all just encompassing words to describe the conceptual basis of a fundamental patterned relationship in that just happens to be composed of pure numbers. Pure, whole integer numbers that occupy, inform and instruct the Universe. The infinite beauty and resonant harmony we seek to discover in Nature is but a subset of that to be found in the Universe at large...and it's all based on the same patterned relationship of how simple whole integer numbers can dynamically inform the whole cosmos. Hey, it's all about the pattern, Baby!

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