Hercules and the Fantastic Four (2011)

In creating environments, the mixed media installation "Hercules and the Fantastic Four" explores the ideas of unstanable aritectual structures Within fractured landscapes. This void between events, will explore, and raise awarness in understanding questions about identity.

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The installations explores the duality of how materials react to any given enviorment, and compendium experiences prompted by collecting and using re-purposed materials. As eventually the work demonstrates its own decay and demise

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Artist Statement

My work transforms materials scavenged from the street into installations that respond to the impromptu networks that emerge within a city. As a result, the artwork I produce from everyday recyclables, combined with more traditional art materials, begin to interact with their environment, speaking to the viewer in a language of their own. Through this discourse, the existing environments are fundamentally changed, giving rise to an altogether new state of being. In this way, the collection and re-purposing of materials creates a harmony between conceptual art, and the process of cataloging places struck by socioeconomic decay. Therefore my work not only explores the ideas of identity and every day experience within an urban community—it documents it, and then becomes it. In today’s society, we believe the existence of environments characterized in this way to be a product of some type of failure, either on the individual or societal level. Furthermore, we are taught that failure is a purely negative condition—however, that is not the case. Entropy is a natural and inescapable product of life, and should be appreciated as such. For this reason, I set out to create work that must eventually fail, thereby allowing the aesthetics, and as a product, the meanings of each piece to change over time. This gradual crumbling of the corporeal actually serves as a more accurate depiction of nature, while working within this realm produces a sense of liberation which often escapes the artist.


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