Strategies Against © Vol. 1: Capitalist Rats (2011)

by _blank

A conceptual databending game which reflects on copyright issues.

Full Description

Strategies Against © is a databending game that transfigures all kind of elements related with copyright issues (works of art, laws, etc.) into sound, images, books or any other kind of 'artistic' media and puts them into the public domain.

Strategies Against © Vol. 1: Capitalist Rats is the first volume of this work. It is on the public domain, so you can do with it whatever you want.

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Artist Statement

During the last years, there have been a lot of legal arguments related with copyright issues. This is nothing new, but with the global adoption of the Internet most 'cultural' corporations feel threaten and this has led to increasingly restrictive copyright laws.

There are hundreds of books, paintings, films, etc. that should be in the public domain and they are not for several reasons, usually related with the economic interests of big enterprises. We have also witness ridiculous lawsuits by the heirs of artists who are much more interested in money that on the cultural legacy of their ancestors.

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