An Uncommon Affair At Tooting Bec Common (2008)

An Uncommon Affair At Tooting Bec Common is an immersive cinematic work presented in the context of an interactive installation environment.

Full Description

The structure of the work is inspired by the combinatorial operations found in experimental literature, such as in Raymond Queneau’s Cent Mille Milliards de poèmes (Queneau 1961), and the exploratory game play practised by members the Surrealist movement, as described in Alastair Brotchie’s A book of Surrealist Games (Brotchie, Gooding, and Lamantia 1995). The story space of the interactive film is composed of four independent, tightly wound storylines, which were strategically written so that the plot points of the stories can be interleaved, and presented backwards or forwards in time. Through an interactive interface the viewer can control the trajectory of the stories on four screens simultaneously. The interface is designed to engage the user through a sense of play and exploration as they discover an ever-mutating adaptive storyline, which is revealed as they guide the screens through the story space of the film.

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