Quasar (2008)

Quasar is an immersive light and sound space made from prototype membranes and realized as an interactive light/sound object comprised of a dense array of interlinked elements describing an intricate three-dimensional structure. The gallery is fitted with sensors that draw real-time data from people within the exhibition, which is then synchronized with streamed real-time data of solar activity and nuclear processes provided by SLAC and NASA. This information is then fed back into the object through layers of LED strands, re-visualizing the space in order to create an interactive spatial experience.

Full Description

slap! Creative Team: Jean Michel Crettaz, Duly Lee, Aaron Bocanegra, Mark-David Hosale Consultants: Interview and Data Support: Astrophysicist on Black Holes Dark Matter Dark Energy: Marusa Bradac, Dir. Communications SLAC Stanford: Neil Calder, Theoretical Physicist Multiverse KAVLI Theory: Shammit Kachru, Scientist SSRL SLAC X-Ray Technology: Uwe Bergman, Chief Editor Symmetry: David Harris; NCSA National Center for Supercomputing NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration Electrical Engineering: Dan Overholt LED and Control Electronics: Dave Birns, Satoru Sugihara Cosmological Data Visualization Berlin/Stanford: Ralph Kaehler Data Visualization: Baoquoc Doan, Randall Stogsdill, Elif Ensari Sound Design: Kason Kim Web & Interactive Interface: Jonathan Stasiak, Rainer Jurgens, glassshadows New York Manufacturing: Rives Rash-La Sci-Arc Project Production Team: Christopher Norman (Project Manager), Sung Chong, Kris Feldmann, Teahyoun Gu, Michael Harrison, Yasmeen Khan, Gordan Lai, Pablo Lee, Channah Levy, Xiaoxuan Lu, Jorge Mutis, Jeongsun Oh, John Peck, Christopher Ward, Mike Wysochanski, MinKyu Kim, Dave Kim, Eric Battino, George Labeth, Reine Wong, Deborah Fuentes, Robin Nanney, Brandon Wyant

Sponsors: Anthony Gallo Acoustics Chatworth, Evolution Audio and Video, Agoura Hills

Special Thanks: SLAC Communications Office: Melinda Lee morphshop Go Woon Seo Pieter Schlosser Remote Control Productions

Work metadata

  • Year Created: 2008
  • Submitted to ArtBase: Tuesday Nov 22nd, 2011
  • Original Url: http://www.quasarexhibition.com/
  • Work Credits:
    • Jean Michel Crettaz, primary creator
    • Aaron Bocanegra,
    • Mark-David Hosale,
    • Duly Lee,
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