Paradise (2011)

Paradise (2011-2012)​ Multimedia installation

 Janco-Dada Museum Ein Hod, Israel

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Artist Statement

Paradise is an essential myth in the 3 monotheist religions. It is the ancient origin on mankind, while also being a utopian image of its redemption, destination, refuge and hope. Miri Chais converted the heavenly paradise into a digital one in which Adam and Eve are represented as cyberspace ghosts--detached, alienated and with no identity. They are part human, part graphic composite.

"Paradise" is made up of everyday icons and images that imply danger and threat such as biohazards or radiation, while is at the same time home to fantastical, illuminated insects and imaginary creatures comprised of international signs and pictograms.

Chais utilizes light in much the same way that a painter uses paint, creating a complex sense of volume, texture, dimension in the sculptural object by manipulating the light that passes through it. The illuminated objects that compose Chais's dynamic, multimedia installations experiment with technologically advanced materials that include laser cut plexiglass and computer controlled LEDs.

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