(The Beatles) in Hamburg (2011)

A sound art project in the public realm, funded by the cultural department of the City of Hamburg. Its main component is a CD-book object comprising of 11 sound pieces and 11 graphical scores - drawings - published by The Green Box, Berlin, 2012. A web component plays one of the 11 songs per day. The scores are intended to be used by either musicians or conductors in order to create new musical interpretations.

Full Description

The work consists of several parts: a CD-Book publication; three signs in public space showing a score related to their location - the signs also feature QR-codes that link mobile phone-users directly to the soundfile related to the respective location; and a website. The online component plays one of the eleven compositions per day. Each composition uses field_recordings as musical instruments. The City as a musical instrument! Each composition refers to one location in the City of Hamburg, Germany, where the Beatles started their career in 1960.

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