Virtual Body (2011)

by weecho

Yet, at the same time, in cyberspace the body returns with a vengeance: in popular perception, “cyberspace IS hardcore pornography,” i.e. hardcore pornography is perceived as the predominant use of cyberspace. The literal “enlightenment,” the “lightness of being,” the relief/alleviation we feel when we freely float in cyberspace (or, even more, in Virtual Reality), is not the experience of being bodiless, but the experience of possessing another – aetheric, virtual, weightless body, a body which can be artificially recreated and manipulated - Slavoj Zizek: No sex, please, we're post-human.

Work metadata

  • Year Created: 2011
  • Submitted to ArtBase: Saturday Nov 26th, 2011
  • Original Url:
  • Work Credits:
    • weecho, primary creator
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