Reverse Abstraction (2012)

Binary and Hexadecimal 2011

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Reverse Abstraction is a series of works created in binary and hexadecimal code. These codes are the basis of a computer’s language. The ones and zeros stand for the processors most basic functions of on and off. The works in this series are taking the idea that this is how a computer would perceive art. This is reversing the abstraction of art to the computer, abstract being a word used both in art and computer science. A work of art is either abstract to the human viewer and understandable to the computer or vice versa.

The hexadecimal paintings included in this series are reproductions of master paintings. High quality images are taken from Google Art project and broken down into their basic hexadecimal code. The code was then photoshoped to fit onto a canvas the same size as the original work of art. The finished product leaves the viewer with a buzzing optical illusion that upon close inspection is the one pixel code that describes how a computer interprets art.

The hexadecimal sculpture is a recreation of Joseph Kosuth’s “One and Three Chair” piece. Kosuth poses a question of the reality of the chair in his sculpture. I chose to recreate this idea using one object. A 3D rendering of the chair used in Kosuth’s project was created, broken down in to its basic hexadecimal code, and its skeleton build back up using only the code. The chair will look like a chair to both human and computer and will pose the question “which is the real chair?”. The sculpture will be printed with a 3d printer kit using open source software available online.

The entirety of the project is created utilizing the connective power of the internet. The computer programmers and 3D designers needed to aid in the creation of the work were discovered through posting on forums and chatrooms. The project is being funded through Kickstarter, an online funding platform for creative projects. Kickstarter allows benefactors to browse an array of creative works and choose which to fund based on interests and rewards. The fabrication of the sculptures and paintings can be viewed on Ustream and followed through blogs and twitter.

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