Moment, 2011, video installation, size variable (2012)

My creations employ three elements which combine an environmental whole – Atmospherics, Nature and Response. 'Atmospherics' refers to installations themselves, which engender an ambience within the viewer’s perception; Nature is the surrounding environment that supports and informs the artwork; and the Response of the audience occurs within this dual space. My intention for the Viewer is for a highly charged, nostalgic awareness of things long gone, occurring within (and in interaction with) the natural, pre-urban landscape installed before an urban background. atmospherics presented by the installation. The most apparent aspect of this would be the My aim is not to transport viewers away from their everyday existence. Rather, I hope to find them now more imaginatively alert to the wider cultural landscape of their own personal and cultural history -- which, as the past, is literally absent to us but which follows us unconsciously even in our most mundane tasks. Of course, these sorts of remembrances do not convey the actual story of what is now literally absent, but they do nonetheless play an essential role in identity and culture formation.

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I present a sculptural video installation projected on a rubber screen mounted on aluminum frames that intends to evoke what I call "nostalgic discrepancy." Within the still inescapable urban landscape of the installation, I place a video screen, projecting my nostalgic landscapes to evoke the idea of how distant we urban-dwellers are from the natural setting in which human life arose and to which our very survival is still bonded. What is largely absent to urban life is still, paradoxically, present. I hope to find the viewers imaginatively alert to wider cultural landscape of their own personal history.

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Artist Statement

My artworks attempt to reconcile the past with the present, inspiring viewers to reflect on the cultural landscape of their personal history. Using various media, I create installations expressing temporal moments, evoking a fundamental recognition of nature and environment. In recent video works I used familiar atmospheric landscapes, stimulating viewers to engage in an imaginative response. Using a blend of diverse media like spatial and video installations, I transport viewers into an imaginatively alert and contemporarily aware environment, exploring nature, life, and current affairs. Through various installation art, I experiment with contact and communication between the art and the viewers.

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