Light + Time = Form (2012)

The [Basic] Equation

Long fascinated with light, I went out (in mid Winter) and bought a number of hand-held fixtures in a variety of wattages and configurations: Fluorescent, incandescent, large, small, flashlights—even lasers. My motivating concept was largely about "play," to discover what might unexpectedly be revealed as my solitary performance with these fixtures was frozen in stop-motion image.

I found, as you can see, that light isn't only a source of illumination, but a wonderful creator of form. As the result of my camera's shutter speed and aperture, there are arcs and solid curves, precise circles and "solid" planes; there are texts (written backwards) in mid-air; and there is, of course, the contrast of the looming darkness—and all that it implies.

Performing/being alone with my actions—only to let the single image have the final 'word'—is a big part of what moves me in this project. Also the fact that I am using very basic materials, with only my cozy apartment for a setting, or, when I'm shooting outdoors, near-empty vistas of winter snow. Visual drama, it seems, can be set on a very basic stage.

The camera has long been regarded as an "instrument" used for capturing the moment; here, I'm using it as kind of metronome—one that let's me dance [alone] with Time.

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