Virtualisis (2012)

Virtualisis is a new disorder, still minor but greatly alarming, that has started to leave its mark on some internet addicts. Due to the few cases until now discovered, its almost impossible to give an exact definition of Virtualisis. Based on our current knowledge, we can say it is an illness that appears as a result of internet addiction in people who already had great dependence.

Its main symtom is seen over the personĀ“s face, where images,linked to their virtual world, can be seen. This way, if the ill are addicted to online video games, on his face, we will see the images of the virtual characters (avatars) that represent him on the web. It does not produce pain, its effects only appear over the face, and apart from the stains over the skin, it does not entail any other secundary effect, at least, until now, that is what it seems.

This illness is completely unknown in the clinical field. Experts have no knowledge of it or pretend to ignore its existence because they fear dealing with these unexplainable symtoms and also, because governments and multinationals linked with the internet business do everything in their power to hide this illness.

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