Newmail (1997)

Eric Dymond explores intimacy, an issue which has surfaced because of the changing nature of the field of electronic communication. Through a synthesis of time independent and time based presentation, the work employs text, photography, drawing and animation to interpret the contents of this communication. The text of the message is an email, private and real, the images are the work of memory and imagination. Press enter and its gone. Does immediacy effect the way you communicate on the web? Does this immediacy then affect the way participants engage a work of art on the web?

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Often when writing email people reveal more of themselves than they would in conversation and letter writing. Erasure, an act that interrupts the stream of thought, is usually ignored and email messages create a candor which has become a hallmark of the medium. Paradoxically this is the least private of mediums so we can assume the immediacy of the medium is what drives this kind of writing. I have received many emails which are extremely personal, some even containing very sensitive material from people I know would never pass on these kinds of thoughts in person.

This work, told with Linda's permission, interprets a dream she related to me in an email last November. The symbols, images and sequences used attempt to contact her expression of self and my immediate reaction. Much of the site is self loading, however all pages contain clickable links.

Eric Dymond, March, 1997

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Newmail explores the dual relationship established between reader and dreamer. The work was included in the first exhibition of Canadian Web Art titled Iceflow by the arts collective , Interaccess, held in conjunction with the Images Festival of independent Film.

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