Sunspots and Solar Flares (2012)

Sunspots, Solar Flares...Sunspots and Solar Flares. The energy of these phenomenal events has been internalized as metaphor. From the actual brushstrokes of color paints on canvas, to their multiple digital transformations as prints, to their combinations in collages and morphs as movies, it's all about the energy and flow of color...the intervals.

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Sunspots and Solar Flares the full color. The interplay, the outright connection, between the visual elements of color and textural form and the musical elements of pitch and timbre as expressed by both in the way of composition has a long history. It is becoming increasingly obvious that the interconnections spill over...indeed, are derived from...the organization of energy throughout the cosmos. The sun, and more specifically sunspots and solar flares, has become my metaphor for this connection.

The larger "Sunspots and Solar Flares" works were initially composed of sets of four panels. Each panel was a quadrant of the sun. Scratchboards...with their geometry of music color theory info...became the sunspots. All the panels of any given quadrant were interchangeable with those of the other similarly composed sets. I was always looking for the diversity within the sameness. Re-configuring the panels to form new and unique sets, whilst always maintaining the original composition, was both part of the process and part of the solution. In other words, like in Nature, I was repeatedly building new whole entities from different combinations of essentially similar parts. Much like painting..much like music. These became the basis for the collage movies.

Ultimately, a new esthetic developed...these individual panels could exist on their own or in any number of different configurations with one, two, three or more of the other panels. In fact, the space between the panels of any given configuration became an important part of the composition.

Earlier, I had started with simple arc views of the sun. These smaller paintings all had the same layout. This way, I could build up some visual and emotional tension, then explode on the canvas with fat, color-laden brushstrokes. The process became so addictive that I have continued to do these over the last four years. The freedom to play with the color and texture within a limited compositional field...especially as the experience was multiplied over time...seemed to put me in touch with the whole music-color-energy expression in an intuitive way that was particularly exciting.

Next came the next round of revelations that in turn influenced the next round of painting. Each painting was given five or so digitally manipulated images in the form of prints. The color abstractions that resulted were at times simply mind boggling. I had to have more or do more with these.

Morphing the print images...and eventually in "Solar Flares III" both the print and painting images...into the movie format was the pivotal step in animating the experience. I added my own musical mashups. The earlier collages and morphs utilized Apple loops. The later ones had mostly my own compositions.

Again, configuring various combinations of these "Solar Flares" introduces new dynamics within the resulting compositions.

You can see the individual paintings and prints by following the links.

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Artist Statement

Sunspots, Solar Flares...Sunspots and Solar Flares. The energy of the sun plays out like a musical dance. Pulsating, gyrating, kicking and screaming, this energy spews outward in apparent abandon...whilst in reality it emanates from a cyclic, patterned rhythm resulting from the co-mingling of internal nuclear fusions, electromagnetic accelerations and twisting magnetic field lines within the differential rotation of its mass, proper.

The migrating sunspots...on alternating (lead polarity) 11-year cycles...are intense hotspots of information. Ironically, it is their aggregations of the energetic magnetic field lines that robs the local plasma of some of its energy and the relatively cooler surrounding area that ensues that makes the sunspot dark.

What seems random...and more likely is simply a pattern yet the overt and sporadic twisting and pinching off of these magnetic field lines, allowing chunks of solar plasma to crescendo off the surface of the sun...the solar flares.

We delight as the energy and the information that it originally carried as to the inner dynamics of the sun partners with are own magnetic field lines in a lovely pas de deux...the Northern Lights.

Often seeming more abstract than real, the entire process...indeed, as is the entire informed by the Inverse Square Law (ISL).

That such laws generate such sublime and overwhelming beauty is both the marvel and the mystery.

"Sunspots and Solar Flares" is simply about responding to the awe.

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