Sacred Vessels (2012)

Using new media art, starting with photography and ending in large scale digitally printed montage forms of presentation, the goal of all of my imagery is to communicate feelings and thoughts which I cannot articulate through the language of any medium other than imagery.

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Jason Miller is a New Media Photographic Image maker.

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Artist Statement

Jason Miller creates his conceptually driven images in-studio, Memphis, TN. Miller is interested in making imagery that deals with human subjects interrelating and communicating through archaic 20th century artifacts. He works both in single imagery as well as grand format digital montage. Historical topics including Memento mori, Vanitas, and a self-reflection on modern human inventions of communication paired with mirrors and symbolism are placed in communion with the use of chiaroscuro, thoroughly considered custom museum dioramas, and highly detailed photographic based renderings.

No images, mediated or otherwise, are used that do not first pass directly through Miller’s camera. The goal of the photographically created images is to transcend being merely esthetically pleasing in order to arrive at a materialization of the underlying thought process. "My work is designed, from conception to final presentation, to lay bare the struggle and chess play behind my process." -JN Miller


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