True Hologram (2012)

True Hologram is a 3d display that forms a photorealistic volume in a high-saturated air medium (mist). True Hologram is a lens-based optical illusion that avoids any surface of projection, consequently pushing the audience to an extraordinary experience in imaging due to the singularity of its inherent features. The research has been executed as an artistic, intuitive investigation about futuristic screening devices, working exclusively with self-invented methodologies.

Full Description

True Hologram is a projected volume that floats in a saturated air medium; can surrounded and touched; is an optical illusion that allows the audience to perceive a 3d representation in photographic form avoiding any surface of projection. The goal is to push the audience and myself to an extraordinary and unexpectable experience in imaging due to the singularity of its inherent features.

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Artist Statement

True Hologram is a lens-based and self-invented device that projects a photorealistic volume in a column of cold mist (I'm actually prototyping the device after successful tests). The device gathers DIY methodologies and smart/affordable approaches to 3d imaginery in order to achieve a floating volume formed just by casted light and photographic transparencies. The project is the logical response to my concern of what the screenings devices will look like in the incoming years and how we going to deal with the new, 3d-based, and interactive visual technology; a photorealistic volume that floats in the air and could be reactive to the environment sounds pretty familiar to our common sense about futuristic achievements in communication. Therefore I started to investigate how, through my knowledge and understanding of the photographic/cinematic phenomena, I could offer an unexpected device able to gather those incoming concerns and finally show something new. Far away from scientist or high-tech coordinates I managed to set up a DIY approach to photorealistic light sculpturing. True hologram is smartly based on lenses, light transmission and simple achievements regarding 3d film processing and stereopsis. Holography is the process by which we could record the volume of any subject and then reproduce a 3D photographic representation of it. For many years the medium faced the unavoidable flat medium of screening; the volumetric images were formally a “multilayered photography”, a flat screen able to show different angles of an image and inevitably just an illusion of parallax. Widely defined by futuristic movies the holographic medium is still an unknown place for communication systems. Even if the last high-tech outcomes are able to fully depict a photorealistic 3d volume they cannot be touched; conceptually implies that they are caught in a certain ether or non-natural substance. Therefore I'm proposing a friendly-happy-tech device that, through basic machinery, brings close to us the 3d displays (which nowadays are culturally still futuristic), using the methodologies of art and design; a hologram that can be touched.

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