The Laboratory of Waste Management (2012)

a site-specific installation in a bathroom. The scientist living in the house uses the bathroom as a laboratory to recycle the failures, errors and un-useable experiments produced during the day. Says the scientist: “When things go bad in the lab, I smile: whatever failure and waste is produced during the day, I bring it back home at night to feed the machines in my Waste Management Laboratory. My machines run on waste and power my next experiments. My night success depends on my daily failures.”

Full Description

Installation with plastic tubes and metal connectors, laboratory glassware and machines, vinyl stickers, old Nature and Science magazines, alfa-alfa seeds, soap.

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Artist Statement

I like to revisit the lab where my formative years were spent. I spot the strange and pardoxical in the daily run of the lab. Taking the laboratory out of its institution, and the scientist out of their lab, you start seeing how science is being created. For this installation, I was invited to create a piece in a stranger's bathroom. Some of the constraints were that the person living there had to be able to use the bathroom all the while. I imagined a scientist living there.


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