I'm Getting Arrested (2011)

A montage of international reporting about "I'm Getting Arrested," an app created in response to arrests at Occupy Wall Street.

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Functional Specs: Sam Zimmerman Programmer: Jason Van Anden Released 2011 Download: market.android.com/details?id=us.quadrant2.arrested

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Artist Statement

This simple piece, which was created overnight in response to a specific event, is the software equivalent of a protest song, immediately resonating with users and journalists who spread news about the app worldwide in a three week period in October 2011. The video linked above is a montage of news coverage, a revealing of the information industry's conflicting urges to package, promote and mock a story percieved to have legs. As of April 2012, the app has been downloaded over 22,000 times, and translated into 14 languages.

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