drawnHead;Palimpsest (2012)

The palimpsest drawing is an ongoing project, depicting the stages of an evolving drawing. Code is written to display via the users interaction the drawing at different stages. The marks build up, disappear and develop into a palimpsest on the screen. The display and order of images is defined by the cybernetic interaction of the user and the code.

The image of the head has its roots in Piero della Francesca's Resurection and Alberto Giacometti's drawings.

Full Description

The project is ongoing, with drawings been made in a variety of locations and light conditions. The work is deployed in both physical gallery spaces and on the internet as part of my website. The piece of paper is worked on and remains a palimpsest surface.

Whilst the physical drawings and root of the piece have been made over a long period of time, its open to debate as to when the displayed piece is authored. Is the user creating the palimpsest when interacting and creating a unique sequence? The images cannot be displayed until the user triggers them to be so. The palimpsest resides in the users memory but also in the internal records in the browser and hard drive of the computer.

In terms of the fate of the piece of paper that the drawings are made on, its fate is still to be decided. The last drawing, if ever there is one, will be erased. The next decision is should the paper be destroyed or another image drawn over it, as a palimpsestic surface.

Work metadata

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Artist Statement

I have been working with the sequences of drawing and its relationship to the digital surface since 1999, this grew into how the photographic image and its sequences related to the user. The haptic nature of interaction with the screen was enabled by the touch screen development.

Current work has an awareness of the mobile device as a display, interaction and private space.


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