Sequel (Secuela) (2007)

The video (obscure and with dark silouettes walking by) changes when the projection is crossed by a person; its shadow is inserted in the video so it appears as if it is chasing him/her. It is an attempt to portray paranoidal psychosis as part of "The ship of fools" art show.

Full Description

"Sequel", the name refers to its meaning in Spanish, “Secuela”, which means: a) Consequence or result, generally of the negative type, that is the outcome of a determinate event, b) lesion or disorder developed as a consequence of a sickness or an accident” (from

Again, relating perceived events to the interpretation the brain/mind gives to sensory input, this installation tries to immerse the spectator into a distorted world, where shadows will follow them, and “copies” of the shadow itself will follow their own shadows, in a repetition that only ends when the spectator leaves the area of the projection.

The idea is for them to feel a persecution delirium, to feel anxiousness and finally, paranoia (“you are always followed and thus, watched”).

Work metadata

  • Year Created: 2007
  • Submitted to ArtBase: Tuesday May 1st, 2012
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Artist Statement

Is madness a state or a constitutive part of the sick subject?

"We propose that it depends of multiple variables, and that it could be any of the two, because, by placing the subject in the same conditions it is not sure by any means that its reactions will be the same ones. The concept of “madness” can vary in its definition, it can be a ephimerous state or be part of the personality of the subject. Anyhow, we don’t intend to have the answers for those questions, but just to discuss and make people think about it, and here lays the experimental condition of the art show: the spectator will observe us, and we will test them. Both the artist and the observer will be analysts and the investigated ones; logical researchers and mentally ill, scientists and laboratory rats." (from the 2007 show “Stultifera Navis”: The Ship of Fools”,).

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