self-portrait (2012)

This self-portrait is an agglomeration of images made at different moments and places within one single frame. It aims at diluting the image of myself through its fragmentation. The purpose is to compose an individual portrait out of several fragments of video recordings that are played simultaneously. Each video recording is made with a camera phone by different people in different places and moments. The resulting moving image is made up in real-time through the cut and paste of vertical fragments of each video.The striped composition brings together various separated selves and places them next to each other. Thus, the interruption is fulfilled when all fragments are played simultaneously. Another aspect that contributes to the interruption is the making of the portrait. There is no one portraitist but many, as each video is made by a different person.

Full Description

This self-portrait is made from multiple vertical videos each of 1px width. The amount of videos needed to complete this self-portrait corresponds to the maximum width-resolution the camera phone in use provides: 640px. And by the time of this website there are 50 videos recorded. The work of each portraitist is regulated through a visual pattern similar to biometric face photographs, that is externally assembled to the camera phone.

Work metadata

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Artist Statement

The interruption of the machine of faciality is only possible by fragmenting both the time and space of the frame. Each fragment will have then its own time and space but as a whole the coupling of black holes will never occur.

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