Ammon Rost : Light Emotions ( Color #1) 2012 (2012)

by ammon34

LED light drawings captured with 30 second exposures on Canon 50D. Photographs edited with images of original ink drawings.

Work metadata

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Artist Statement

The content of my artwork is the phenomenon of light. I am fascinated by the creative power of light, the forceful yet graceful infusion of light into the world. I try to instill in my art the sinuous movement of dance and the crisp precision of photography.

My art is a hybrid type of performance art, involving traditional painting and multimedia enhancements. The essential technique I employ is capturing a slice of motion with a high-resolution still camera, and then editing the images in a desirable sequence. This technique requires a fusion and a tight balance of drawings created on paper with drawings created with light. I experience this merging as a kind of dance: a combination of posed states and transitional movements.


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