This is not cinema: Hinterland (materialist film #001) (2012)

by _blank

‘Materialist cinema’ created using digital tools that imitate retro aesthetics.

Full Description

All images are photos of a white desk shot with Hipstamatic, and the titles were shot with 8mm directly from a computer screen. I found the original sound file at Freesound, it’s a digital recording of a 16mm projector.

Work metadata

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Artist Statement

The initial concept of this video was to create ‘materialist cinema’ using digital tools that imitate retro aesthetics.

The term ‘hinterland’ is German and means “the land behind”, but it’s also used in English with several meanings, all related with spaces that surround or are behind other space.

The ‘this is not cinema’ header is a kind of a joke about the the boundaries and differences between ‘cinema’ and ‘video’.

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