BLUE (2012) (2012)

virtual overdose burnout/ facebook/ tumblr/ post-internet video based on Derek Jarman’s movie “Blue” from 1993

Full Description

  • based on Derek Jarman’s movie “Blue” from 1993 :

  • reconceptualization of original screenplay. words as ‘AIDS’ and ‘HIV’ were replaced by ‘internet’ and ‘virtuality’, ‘sex’ with ‘(internet) surfing’ etc. etc. to emphasize the role of virtuality-related problems of visual and textual overdose, media chaos and disorientation as potential diseases (but also sources of inspiration) of our civilization just like AIDS back in the days. Text was modified to (re)create and improvise a story of a man, who lost his “sight” - sanity and consciousness in post-physical phantasmagoria of internet and is still strongly addicted to it. Plot takes place in a year 2012 or maybe 2050, its the future anyway

  • spoken text is generated by artificial UK english voice simulator

  • International Klein Blue-kind of color replaced by blue from Facebook’s color palette (#3B5998 RGB 59, 89, 152), which I named: International Facebook Blue. Blue is famous of his neutral and universal associations, that’s why is used in visual communication of many companies* (especially internet-related) and international and supranational institutions like symbols of all UN Agencies.

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