Distant Light (2012)

'Distant Light' is a space installation. Although light makes everything visible, light itself is not usually noticed because we see things reflected against it. When I look toward the sun, normally, everything in my vision turns into visible and invisible. This is nature's rule: an object is only visible when light reflects it. Under a light source, every subject is illuminated in human perception because light amplifies our vision. Ultimately, relationship between light and shadow becomes the threshold of human perception. Sheer curtain walls move by wind current in a dark room filled with haze. The lights comes from somewhere behind curtain walls, and the light makes the movement of curtains visible. An ambivalent feelings in a dark and hazed space drives the viewers self motivation to discover.

Full Description

Sang Jun, Yoo is a new media artist based in New York City. Born in 1982 in Seoul, South Korea, in search of art forms in conceptual ideas of perspective and self-consciousness that transcends genres in design and art fields, influenced by technologic reference media, Sang Jun engages visible and invisible optic matters and subconscious interactions in between people and surroundings, such as dialogues in the loss of a certain way of seeing, of a way of making apparentness, and of a particular feeling created by a coincidental approach.

After few years of participation as a designer in graphic design agencies in South Korea, he went to New York City to pursue a professional and artistic exploration. During his academic experience in designing interactive interfaces through technological convergence in various mediums, Sang Jun's installation is basically about amplifying the human relationships in everyday phenomenas, helping viewers to locate themselves in between Natural and Artificial Scapes. The goal is to translate this relationship into an experience by inviting people to find a consciousness through their own reflections: a path for new perspective between natural and artificial spaces by passing through superficial layers of apparentness and traveling through surfaces.

Work metadata

  • Year Created: 2012
  • Submitted to ArtBase: Wednesday May 23rd, 2012
  • Original Url: http://www.startinmylife.net/
  • Work Credits:
    • toshi182, primary creator
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Artist Statement

where am I supposed to be?

somewhere between all the various significance and infinite variety of appearances, the brain wants to perceive or experience specific things. It refers to not only physical structures on sensory input, but also the endless movement towards one’s perspective.

why are we longing other side, and looking beyond of surfaces what we see? What drives us to process time and space? we’ve always been looking beyond of reality with efforts by extending and limiting possibilities of ourselves.

we appear to be attached on surfaces around us in between light and shadow, and perceive things in a different timeline by recalling experiences from one’s past, also projecting perspectives from one’s reflection.

in a moment, it appears to a shortage in the information content in a conversation: ambiguous conversation is only partly clear because half of the language is redundant.

in a moment, a state of order and disorder may seem to be predicted. However, it is impossible to predict everything in reality since a practical use of physical function is based on constant change of relationship with other conditions.

connecting experiences in a present moment. rather than looking to the artwork, we will look inside - for this is where the real art lies, in opening ourselves to the present moment.

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