Giri Chit (2009)

Cosplay girls, urban farming and a Zamboni. The subtle trace of irreconcilable worlds.

Full Description

GIRI CHIT tells an epic tale. A worker driving a mobile sweeper in hypnotic circles across an already immaculate surface. The high drama of cosplay aficionados clamoring to be seen. A cast of thousands toiling hundreds of feet above the street.

Giri translates as ‘duty’ in Japanese, but the concept is in fact far more complicated. Giri is a sort of interpersonal political capital that informs careers, family relations, and much more. Its presence and flow is palpable in Japan, where this film was shot. A “giri chit” then may be a hypothetical voucher for this intangible flow (with a tip of the cap to Thomas Pynchon’s “Vineland”).

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Artist Statement

With every film I make, I find myself trying to steal a glimpse of some invisible structure to the universe. When I get home to edit I find that the footage I have gathered are not the same images that I saw with my heart, and I set out to make the film as close to that initial impression as I can.

I filmed GIRI CHIT when I was visiting Tokyo, a city I adore. I had the fortune of experiencing several transcendent moments, the sorts of flashes of clarity where you feel that you understand everything even though you will never be able to explain it. This film is about those instants that I happened upon in Japan.

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