Eric Parnes - Neo-Orientalist (2012)

2011 Acrylic on Canvas 66 x 117 cm

Full Description

The increasing effect of commercialism and its global resonance has produced a forced dialogue between the East and the West. This cultural discourse stages a unique relationship between the ancient and the contemporary.

Born in the West with immediate family roots in Iran, Eric’s vision reflects one’s internal struggle to define identity, and can be traced to his early childhood experiences. As a conceptual artist, the catharsis of creation has compelled Eric to examine and portray the perceived differences and similarities of the world he was born in, as well as the echoes of the eras of his forefathers, allowing him to concentrate on crafting a series of works that revise and explore one’s understanding of the Orient.

The term Orientalism has been commonly described as the West’s long-time attempt to depict the Orient. Fantasy-driven concepts and themes, often idealized or romanticized, provided for a continuous melding of these cultures, producing imagery that continues to affect our perception today. Reaching far beyond the borders of the United States and the Middle East, my art assesses the modern, the mystic, and the visceral reality of a ‘Neo-Orientalist’.

Today, the delineations between the East and West are increasingly blurred, with the cardinal points both exporting and interpreting their respective societies. As an artist seeking to define Neo-Orientalism, Eric’s work continues to explore this intriguing correlation, and contribute to the intersection of culture and modern identity.

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