Christo Kasabov - Midnight Highway (2012)

2007 Acrylic & Oil Stick on Arches Cotton Paper 31.5 x 47.5 "

Full Description

Christo was born in Bulgaria in 1959, where he graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia, with a Master’s degree in painting and graphic design. In 1986, the year of his graduation, Christo joined the Union of Bulgarian Artists, with whom he regularly participates in group exhibitions around the world. As well, having begun exhibiting his works in 1986, Christo as an artist has a formidable track record of both group and solo exhibitions, having shown his works in major art capitals worldwide, including New York, Berlin, Madrid, and Toronto, among others.

Both as an artist and an individual, ‘conformity’ is not a word that exists in Christo’s vocabulary. Unlike many artists whose works can be easily labeled and pigeonholed, Christo successfully marries myriad styles such as surrealism, cubism, and abstraction, giving his works an inimitable, enigmatic, and indeed, bizarre quality like none other. As well, characteristic to Christo’s pieces is his reoccurring usage of peculiar symbols and shapes – such as eggs, fish heads and crosses – as well as a wide array of themes, symbols, and motifs, which Christo deftly combines to create works of striking beauty that, in his words, ‘defy rationality and order’.

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