Majeed Beenteha - Untitled (2012)

2011 From the 'Shirin & Farhad' Series C-Print on Aluminium Paper Available in 24 x 36 " (Editions of 7) and 20 x 24 " (Editions of 10)

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Majeed, a self-taught aspiring photographer and filmmaker was born in Esfahan, Iran. His first foray into filmmaking was a short experimental piece entitled Cirque Shab (Night Circus), a film that dealt with the place and role of women in Iranian society. During the making of this film, he met the Iranian artist and scholar Iraj Anvar, with whom he collaborated to produce two additional films. The first was a short film entitled Naqqali Shemr & Daughter of Iran, in which the ancient Iranian art of Naqqali (lit. storytelling) was used to versify and narrate a tale of rivalry between the Persians and their long-time enemies, the Turanians. The second film was a documentary entitled Intoxicating Rhymes & Sobering Wine, a portrayal of the legendary 11th Century Persian mathematician, astronomer, and poet Omar Khayyam. Inspired by Khayyam’s poetry, Majeed composed eleven original pieces of music, which were released as two CDs entitled Plugged into Khayyam - Volumes I & II.

Majeed’s mixed-media, video, and photography works have been exhibited at various galleries around the world, including the Whitebox, Leila Taghinia-Milani Heller, and Gershwin galleries in New York, and the Other Gallery in Shanghai. As well, Majeed has written plays, short stories, and poetry in English, in addition to publishing a children’s book entitled Once Upon a Star.

Majeed’s latest project is a short animation film entitled Sonnet of Delirium that he has written, directed, and produced in collaboration with the Icelandic animation artist Una Lorezen. He lives and works between Tehran and New York City.

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