Olivia Barrionuevo - Guardian Lizard (2012)

From the 'Ancient Mexicans' Series Available as 4 x 6 " Cyanotype Print on Watercolour Paper, 11 x 14 " Silver Gelatin Print Lithograph & 16 x 20 " Archival Pigment Print (Edition of 30)

Full Description

Olivia Barrioneuvo was born in Mexico, where she studied Communications at the University Autonomus of Guadalajara. Later, she decided to move to Europe, where she continued her studies, and also began experimenting with the medium of photography. After her travels in Europe, Olivia found herself in California, where after graduating from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, decided to reside.

Despite being a relatively young artist, Olivia’s career has been an extremely successful and fruitful one thus far. As a photographer, Olivia has covered presidential elections in her native Mexico, and has worked as an intern for the Los Angeles Times and the renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz. As well, Olivia’s works have been exhibited in prestigious galleries and cultural institutions throughout the United States, such as the Pico House Gallery, the Museum of Tolerance, and the University of Judaism. In addition, a number of Olivia’s works are part of the Centro de la Imagen in Mexico City, a cultural institution dedicated to the promotion of photography.

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