various dimensions years 2010/2011 (work in progress)

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various dimensions years 2010/2011 (work in progress)

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Artist Statement

How many points of view are used to describe a place? Every time I look at a space or a landscape I feel to lose the opportunity to observe it from a preferential perspective. But there is a preferential perspective? I can only photograph what my eye looks. The photograph becomes a mere recording of reality by which to reconstruct the structure in post production. I register a multiplicity of visual paths by which I reconstruct slight movements, capturing the essence of space and returning a complex display. My photographs do not describe reality, but more complex layering which reality is made. I apply this method to show landscapes or places, overlapping tens or hundreds of images for to build a single photo. The limit for to finish a work is the number of photos I took during the walk. In this sense, the work contains in itself a condition of perpetual unfinished.


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