Big Tad According to Pi (Infinite Process) (2012)

Click on the photo to see the animation. This animation is made from my painting of Tad Lauritzen Wright's face rearranged according to pi in a base 4 number system. The animation infinitely repeats the process of rearranging/undoing Tad's face.

Full Description

The original Painting is "Big Tad According to Pi", Acrylic and Powdered Pigment on Newspaper, 78x90in, Collection of Jonathon Carroll.

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Artist Statement

Photo-based realisms were created in order for a return to illusionism after an era that believed that abstraction was the only possibility for relevant art. Photorealism was considered a valid art form, but not because of its tendancy for illusionism. It was validated as a form of Conceptualism that was based on the process of recreating the photograph through the use of a grid. The grid encouraged painters to paint each increment of the painting separately and objectively. The illusion of the realist image was paradoxical in that the photorealist image was just an orderly arrangement of abstract paintings. Furthermore, it ignored the fact that the paintings were records of the process of recreating the photograph through the use of a grid. The illusion simply took away from the concept. In my painting, I systematically rearrange the order or the placement of each increment of the grid according to a number system. This creates a square-by-square map of the process of recreating a photograph. The photographic image as a whole is still hinted at, yet the painting becomes an intricate system of mark-making that is a more conceptually pure form of Photorealism.

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