Why the Blind Wraith Moves Forward (2012)

by aschlag

"We loose reason in our passions, then our steps, and last, our breath. Those with the luxury of never entering the desert of the blind never question why they do what they do or what they gain and what they should appreciate about it." I said to Sam as he looked at Aimy, probably wishing it wasn't his shift to keep an eye out for obstacles as we rode the wraiths so she could tuck him in. "Ever since my mom died, I went in and out of bettering my practice with fighting. My passion would at one moment make me the happiest boy in the village because I was proud." sam said smiling, then frowning. "Then as my father hurt me and me and my sister were afraid of him, I wondered what the point in everything is, just like what you're saying. And it's scary. I paused, wanting to tell him about my artwork, but I knew that compairing drawing to fighting was unproductive to this situation. So I had an idea. "Look at the Wraiths with zero senses. The one we ride doesn't even feel us. And his 'peers' are just as numb. They havn't a clue of thier surroundings yet something makes them move" I said, sparking slight curiosity in sam's eyes. "And keep in mind, just because they're blind doesn't mean they aren't headed in the right direction." Suddenly in the far distance, a huge elder wraith arose, bearing two eye sockets on each side of it's skull and bones as intricate as a herringbone necklace. "That's the one that's going to take us to the jungle of the gods." I said "Lets hop Wraiths to Lily and Aimy and get ready to board." "the Wraiths were dead when we came. If we didn't bring them to life they'd just be lifeless." sam said "Maybe they were pessimists, or just waiting for hope. But think sam. In the end, did hope show up?" Sam half smiled. What he asked next made me think that he was comparing himself to that statement. "Andrew, do you think Aimy minds taking care of me?" "I think she needs someone to look after. In fact, you've changed her a lot. She loves you like a son." Sam smiled, and I could only wonder, how many times was I ungreatful?

Full Description

A possible excerpt and illustration from/for the third novel in my series (the mutatione interius mundi), titled Journey to the Truncatis Deos. The flying fish skeletons are known as the blind wraiths, a symbol for the feeling of having no sense of what one has to be happy for, to love about life, or what reason there is to go on. The moment Andrew became depressed a year before his suicide, the blind wraiths fell dormant, forming what looked like a bone yard within an area called the desert of the blind. They were simply awakened by the thought of hope, which was almost impossible to achieve since getting them to rise again seemed a hopeless scenario.

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Artist Statement

The blind wraiths (flying fish skeletons over the desert) symbolize the feeling of loosing sense of what one has to keep moving. That being said, they have no exterior consciousness, only a subconscious. The fact that they move without direction represents an effort to keep moving even when it feels like the chips are down.


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