Regretted Temptation (2012)

A scene from the first book in my series (the mutatione interius mundi), titled The Agris Terra. The scene is just after Andrew and Lily have their first "date", and Andrew is now responsible for entertaining her friend, Aimy. There begins to be a build in sexual tension as they choose to swim, later resulting in some conflict between the three main characters in the near future.

Full Description

In this scene, Aimy's motive is to solicit some sort of behavior from Andrew that would clue attraction to her, as she is driven by jealousy of what he and Lily have developed at this point. She is very flirty and hands on in this scene.

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  • Year Created: 2012
  • Submitted to ArtBase: Monday Jun 18th, 2012
  • Work Credits:
    • aschlag, primary creator
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Artist Statement

Aimy is symbolically and behaviorally the opposite of Lily. She is a symbol for Andrew's potential (and tenancy) to be immature and selfish. But aside from their symbolism of two polar opposite sides, they also have representation of two different types of girls Andrew socially encountered before his suicide attempt

Lily, being the fox, is more Independent. She is able to have self confidence while at the same time, be supportive of others and hold focus in difficult times. Along with this, she is more a modest girl than Aimy. She represents the girl Andrew had hoped to find and start a relationship with.

Aimy on the other hand, being a flamboyantly colored wolf, is more dependent on others' attention. She is much less modest than Lily and much more flirty and demanding. In this scene, that is shown by her behavior. Despite her flaws however, she is attractive, representing the type of girl who Andrew was always tempted to go after, mistaking exterior beauty for interior.

In other words, this scene is an allegory of the temptation we all face with the attractive opposite sex.


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