Hive (2011)

the first illustration for a concept for one of my novellas, titled Helen

Helen hive
Full Description

the setting is in a dark, surreal world (as you can see by the purple sky, unsettling house, and rigid trees and vegetation). the hive walks on four legs and has no head. Its just a walking body. However, the skin on it's back folds open revealing a network of holes in which tiny drones live in. They are like needles filled with helium so they just float out, collecting food and insight on the surroundings to bring back to the body.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons: Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works

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Artist Statement

The dark, cliche goth setting is a projection of Helen's outlook on life. She constantly sits depressed in the dead garden staring blankly, numbly responding with a morbid tone when she's spoken to by Jacob the boy she crushed on in the living world and trapped in her world. Helen is prone to live in the world separate from the afterlife, where the spirit that created her tries to rest. This spirit Helen calls her mother lies in a graveyard in the forest to the right, where Helen fears to go, as she is scorned by her creator. Helen's sad behavior is beyond her control, as she is the sum of her creator's miseries cast from her body, so she could pretend to pass on without regret.
However, what Helen doesn't know that in the process, her creator had to hide within Helen the best of her gratefulness, bravery, and love. It will be a matter of Jacob doing all he can to help Helen find these character traits within herself so she can change.


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