Got It (2012)

Got It is an interactive video installation that explores a common speech habit and how it acts as a catalyst for non-communication. Viewers experience a conversation with a Got It man.

Full Description

The installation consists of a projected looping video, constructed screen, microphone, mixed and amplified audio, and reflective floor decals. This Got It man is made from the composite characteristics of hedge fund managers, contest reality show judges, and stock photographs of multitaskers.

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Artist Statement

Contemporary power brokers, both established and aspiring, use the "Got It strategy" to speed through conversations and extract information relevant to their own interests. Information flow in conversations is usually random - conversations can be far ranging and spontaneous. Got It limits the possibility of tangents and automates conversation to focus on the basic elements of identification (e.g., what do you do for a living?, who do you know?) and self-promotion (i.e., how can you help me?). The use of Got It in conversations may seem a neutral placeholder but its ubiquity promotes the ways of the taskmaster, the bad listener, and the jerk.

Got It an intervention. Got It is everywhere and simply accepted. My intention is to exaggerate a bad speech habit by having the viewer experience its deaf and deficit effects.

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