ScrollTV (2012)

«Finally you can enjoy the spectacle of social media without bothersome interactions, in the fashion of modern, broadcast media.»

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Artist Statement

Infinite scrolling is radically changing the fruition of the internet: while multiple web pages, connected through hyperlinks, determine non-linear paths into the architecture of websites, infinite scrolling defines the experience of browsing as a constant and endless flow from top to bottom. Referring to social media and content aggregation platforms, infinite scrolling fosters a passive, non-interactive and voyeuristic relation to contents, as scrolling the mouse wheel becomes not so much different than turning the crank of a phonograph. ScrollTV radicalizes this behavior providing an interaction-less experience of social media in the fashion of broadcast television. The project is highly inspired by “Television Delivers People”, a 1973 video by Richard Serra and Carlota Fay Schoolman, in which the passive role of the spectator is revealed through the mode and language of broadcasting media themselves.

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