A Month Long Radio Exhibition (2012)

by Radeq

live experimental radio streaming online and based in London's Soundfjord Gallery from the 6th - 31st August 2012

Full Description

Following the 3-month occupation in the vast halls of the Bermondsey-based Biscuit Factory's V22 Summer Club - Radeq's new place of occupation presents a unique opportunity.

Radeq is an on-going radio project, a relentless expression of creativity and open-mindedness within the realms of broadcast. Born from a background of radio, sound engineering, audio technology, art and music, radeq formed in June to realize a pop-up radio station within the huge ex-Biscuit Factory's V22 Summer Club: a 54-day event hosting artist-led exhibitions, installations, performances, films and workshops.

It was here that SoundFjord, the UK's only sound-devoted art gallery, erected SOUND // SPACE, a pop-up record store and community hub, and it was also here that Soundfjord and Radeq became friends, and so, an invitation from Helen Frossi of SoundFjord came about for radeq to relocate to their Tottenham Gallery on the closure of the Summer Club.

From the 6th - 31st August 2012, radeq is very pleased to present A Month Long Radio Exhibition.

During this time listeners can visit radeq's website (www.radeq.vacau.com) to listen to a constant live stream.

The final week (27th - 31st August) will present a celebration of 'The Summer of '12'. This full programme of guests presenting their representation on the 2012 Summer, shall incorporate light-dictated sonic experimentations and will be operating within the limits of the suns' rise and fall.

Radeq would like to extend an invitation to anyone who wishes to express their interpretation of this year's summer. Expressions can be live from the radeq studio in Soundfjord or submitted pieces of work from anywhere in the world.

For further information on this please email radeq@hotmail.co.uk.

Work metadata

  • Year Created: 2012
  • Submitted to ArtBase: Monday Aug 6th, 2012
  • Original Url: http://www.radeq.vacau.com/
  • Work Credits:
    • radeq, primary creator
    • SoundFjord Gallery, host
  • Collective: James Dunn and Clair Urbahn
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