Add to Cart (2012)

Add to Cart uses the icon of a shopping cart as it appears on the “add to cart” button seen on retail sites throughout the Internet. This icon has become a universal symbol of “the purchase.” Here, the icon takes on a panoply of stock effects used in electronic billboard advertising--bright, shifting colors; pulsating lights; jittery, hyperkinetic animation effects. The forms of advertising appear, but entirely emptied of content.

Full Description

In contrast to the horror vacui of brands and logos seen in my Branding series, ( these digital animations focus on the evocative power of a single, quotidian Internet icon. The extreme focus, simplicity and repetition in each piece seem to suggest a larger symbolic content for what is otherwise a purely utilitarian icon.

These works are intended for large scale urban screens. They have been shown on the Eventi screen in NYC, Prudential Arena Screen in Newark, NJ and at Art Dubai on the Marina Mall media screen.

Work metadata

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Artist Statement

My work deals with the interrelationship between media, communication and technology.


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