Random (2012)

Christopher P. McManus randomly interacts with friends on Facebook.

Full Description

Facebook switched me to Timeline today, so I thought it would be appropriate to start a new project on Facebook. While Timeline appears to be a streamlined presentation of the information Facebook users broadcast, I don’t feel that Facebook promotes the type of interaction or communication that truly strengthens relationships. In addition to the way I normally use Facebook, (i.e. 'liking' baby photos, wishing friends happy birthday, posting links etc) I am going to start using Facebook in a new way. I have exported all of my friends' names to Excel and set up a sampling function. I will be interacting with all of my friends using simple random sampling with replacement. While the interactions may seem random, know that they are sincere. I’d like try and use Facebook to foster new interactions and in a way that Facebook was not really designed to do.

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Artist Statement

I’d like try to use Facebook in a new way to foster new interactions. I set up an algorithm that uses simple random sampling with replacement to drive at least one daily interaction. I'll use this random sampling technique in addition to my usual Facebook posting and commenting routine.

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