To Whom It May Concern: (2010) (2012)

To Whom It May Concern: is a metaphor for the user experience within a digital interface. The relationship between the user and the programmer is situated within the confines of an office cubicle in which audience members were invited to explore the seemingly seductive features by using their senses. In having the freedom to interact with each function, users were encouraged to consciously reflect upon their own relationship to technology, yet in effect, remained locked in to a prescribed form of behaviour. Based on the simulated templates of Microsoft Word, users are immersed in a hyperreal office environment where the virtual becomes tactile and the template is embellished.

Full Description

To Whom It May Concern: (2010) is a reaction to the digital interface. Constructed from the preset tools and templates of Microsoft Word version X for Apple Macintosh (2003) users were invited to interact with the built in functions.

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