Learning To Fly (2012)

Stroboscopic photograph In Dreams series, 2012

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Artist Statement

Studies in time is a collection of multiple series created using Stroboscopic techniques. Using either flashes or mechanical interruption of the shot, an image is able to be captured sequentially rather than instantaneously.

In the 1930's, Professor Harold Eugene Edgerton transformed the stroboscope from a laboratory instrument to a common device. Stroboscopic art photography was first pioneered by Gjon Mili in the 1940’s to freeze successive actions in a single frame.

For these photographs, I used either a handmade mechanical stroboscope or flashing strobes. By changing the papers used in the mechanical stroboscope, I was able to create textures and a high amount of graininess in certain images. With other images, such as the In Dreams series, the papers chosen give a luminescent, almost painterly quality to the resulting images.

While this technique has the ability to capture multiple actions in a single frame, I also found that longer exposures create a more subtle rendering of the sequential actions, distorting the character and it’s movements in more variety and detail than long exposure alone. I plan to continue working with different variations of the stroboscopic technique.

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