Chamomile Tea Party Ads in DC Metro (2012)

For the past two years I have been remixing World War II propaganda posters with new text about the rancor that is so prevalent in American political discourse. I do this under the guise of the Chamomile Tea Party ( And, at present, I have done over 40 posters.

High resolution copies of each poster are available free for the download and people have used them at various rallies and protests. They have appeared as illustrations in "The Atlantic" and the "Economist" websites and are included in Jonathan Haidt's latest book on the moral underpinnings of liberals and conservatives: "The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion."

I wanted to find a way to get the messages conveyed in these posters to a larger audience. So I bought ad space in the Washington, DC Metro and the first ad went up this week. It will be up for the month of September and, in October, a second poster will be displayed. You can see the work "in situ" here:

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